Children’s Party Hire

If you would like to hire our beautiful range of child height tables, chairs or stools, table clothes, decorations or costumes please contact us.

Please specify the number of children you are trying to cater for.

Our chairs for 2-7 years (shown in the picture below in blue and pink and further down in green ) come in white, red, aqua blue, green, red and pink. $4 each to hire

Our stools for age 7 plus come in yellow, red, blue, orange + magenta. Sometimes we mix and match them so they combine two colours! $4 each to hire

Our tables can be adjusted to child height and fold in half to fit into the boot of most cars. Stools and chairs stack so unless you are trying to hire for over 20 kids it should fit easily. Pick up is from our Nedlands shop. $15 each to hire